Engineering Services

Lighting Design

Lighting Image Lighting Design is a natural part of the electrical engineering service. Professional Engineering Groups has talented lighting designers/engineers.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Image Power Distribution is a major emphasis for Professional Engineering Groups. Our project managers have particular knowledge and expertise in providing a diverse range of power to the end loads. Issues such as redundancy, critical emergency, single point failure, life safety, maintenance, etc. are at the fore front of the design process tailored for each project.

Uninterruptible Power Systems

Uninterruptible Power Systems Image Professional Engineering Groups has designed systems which range from small self-contained units to large UPS systems using both rotary converters and static converters. Professional Engineering has designed unique Ring Bus, 2N and 3N/2 systems with capacities of up to redundant 9000 KVA.

Grounding and Lightning Protection

Grounding and Lightning Protection Image Professional Engineering Groups has participated in proper application of grounding principles and practices since the 1960's. Our experienced engineers have been involved in many grounding reviews of all types of facilities, including high rise buildings, data facilities, industrial facilities, telecommunications facilities, and many others. Our engineers helped develop standards for Mission Critical Facilities Grounding Practices. With the advent of using SKM System Analysis, Inc. ground system software, Professional Engineering Groups’ engineers provide effective ground system analysis and designs and apply to modern ground practices in large Data Center buildings, including EMI shielding interfaces.

Facility Review

Facility Review Image Professional Engineering Groups offers facility reviews for all types of electrical and related systems. Our approach is to review the systems in a holistic manner to understand how all systems should work together. Detailed reports are provided with specific information describing the issues, recommendations for corrections, budget costs, etc. to assist in obtaining project funding.

Building Alarms

Building Alarms Image Professional Engineering Groups' managers have experience in the design of and interface to many different types of automated building alarm and management systems. Our engineers were actively involved in the development of the standard specification for Building Management Alarm Systems (BMAS) for Major Mission Critical Clients.

Fire Alarms Systems

Fire Alarms Systems Image Our engineers have experience in the full range of systems from single zone protection to high-rise multiplexed systems color graphics and touch screen interface with the capability to interface to BMS for activation of smoke control systems. Many recent designs have also included VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) for earliest detection of potential problems in critical equipment areas, and interface to agent suppression systems. All designs include interfacing to several different types of environmental, Protection, and Control Systems to perform Critical Life Safety functions.

Security Systems

Security Systems Image Security System modification or replacement is common to many projects. Design experience covers all aspects of these systems including: fiber optic cabling, surveillance cameras, P/T/Z controllers, motion & door sensors, card readers, etc., as well as local and remote monitoring. Professional Engineering Groups, Inc. was actively involved in the development of the Standard Specification for Security Systems for Major Mission Critical Clients.

Short Circuit, Over Current Coordination and Arc Flash Studies

Short Circuit, Over Current Coordination and Arc Flash Studies Image Professional Engineering Groups' managers are familiar with the importance of design using actual calculated short circuit currents. As much as possible, the tripping of circuit breakers in case of fault is coordinated to only trip the breaker closest to the fault. The state-of-the-art SKM System Analysis, Inc. computer programs allow these complicated routines to be done efficiently. Also, the SKM program is used to calculate load studies, voltage drop and voltage flow, network topologies, and ARC Flash.

Data and Communication Wiring

Data and Communication Wiring Image Professional Engineering Groups offers the service of planning and designing structured cabling systems for commercial and telecommunication buildings, including such systems as CAT5E, CAT6, etc. wiring.

Power Generation and Standby Power Systems

Power Generation and Standby Power Systems Image Professional Engineering Groups has designed various types and sizes of engine generator systems for standby power supply. The more complex systems consist of 16 MW automatically paralleled engine generator systems. The systems can be designed for Peak Shaving and Utility Curtailment.

Power and Alarm Monitoring and Direct Digital Control

Power and Alarm Monitoring and Direct Digital Control Image Professional Engineering Groups’ engineers have designed large PC, PLC, and proprietary based Interactive graphics power monitoring and alarm systems, which allow control, status and event records of operations in complex electrical systems.

Operation and Maintenance Service

Operation and Maintenance Service Image Professional Engineering Groups has assisted owners by providing operation and maintenance data for the on-site workforce, including training for maintenance personnel, documentation for procedures where time and safety are critical and organizing documentation such as drawings, maintenance data, panel schedules, loads, etc.

Reviews, Studies and Analysis

Reviews, Studies and Analysis Image Professional Engineering Groups offers a variety of reviews, studies and/or analysis. This investigational segment of our services can include an individual electrical equipment item, a system, or an entire facility. Our efforts can focus on a particular incident, equipment failure or potential equipment failure, and address specific issues per the client’s desires. Our approach is to review the issues and systems in a holistic manner, to understand how all entities function separately and together, and provide specific detailed documentation to address the areas of client concern. Common deliverables provided are Single Point of Failure Study, Electrical Device Coordination Study, Short Circuit Study, Grounding System Analysis, Critical Equipment Load Limit Study, Life Safety & Code Violation Study, Failure Analysis, Complete Facility Review, Emergency and Operational Reviews, and more.


Commissioning Image Professional Engineering Groups provides Owners with commissioning services for new and existing systems. The level of commissioning services can range from Test and Acceptance of a specific system, core required commissioning, or full facility commissioning.

Forensic Services


Electrical forensic failure analysis reports and site observation of alleged equipment failures for low voltage (600 volts and less), including large and small equipment, large and small appliances and vehicles of all types, including all wiring, controls, sensors, motors and other electrical components and systems. The report is detailed but in a manner that is easy to follow and comprehend and typically includes photographs, sketches, illustrations, etc. A typical report will include topics such as background, scope of the report, analysis, field observations, overview, conclusions, opinions and/or summary.

Litigation Support

Professional Engineering Groups provides services as an expert witness, forensic consulting, technical standards research, evidence analysis, scene documentation, and deposition and trial preparation assistance. The firm is available for consulting and expert witness services to commercial, legal and insurance businesses and individuals. 


Professional Engineering Groups offers a variety of different type studies. These typically focus on a particular incident, failure, potential failure or deficiencies of electrical equipment or of an entire facility electrical infrastructure. Examples of some studies are failure analysis, single point of failure, life safety, code violation, coordination, short circuit, etc. Customized reports are provided to address specific issues per client desires. Typically, the study report includes some or all of the following topics: scope of study, descriptive overview, history, field observations, limitations, options, conclusions, opinions, recommendations, references, estimates, budget information, schedules, guidelines, planning, before and after conditions, etc.